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Students from Yunnan University, China at iLEAD_IMG_1832

Students from Yunnan University, China at iLEAD

Event Date:

January 11, 2018

iLEAD hosted a 38 member delegation from Yunnan University, China for an interactive session with its faculty and students. The students, majoring or majored (some doing doctorates) in business, law, engineering, public administration, economics, international relations, statistics, urban projects, history and some other areas of study, reached the campus around 10am, and were greeted by members of iLEAD Students' Council. They were then addressed by iLEAD's Chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra, who exquisitely highlighted how deep Indo-China relations were and how writings of Chinese travelers such as Hiuen Tsang, had helped in the shaping the Indian History. He also highlighted how Chinese Community came to Calcutta and settled here 300 years ago, which led to the invention of Indian-Chinese Food. Mr. Chopra also remarked that Chinese food was perhaps the best in the world, and presented the students with his self-written book, Sheherwali, which contains mouth-watering recipes from Murshidabad. Following Mr. Chopra's address, the attendees saw a video clip on Yunnan University, which accentuated how the University's contributions had helped in the overall development of Yunnan region in China, and had also helped policy makers of the country take some crucial decisions.

Each school under the university was briefly described in the video. This was followed by a session of introductions where all the visitors, as well as iLEAD Students introduced themselves, and the students from Yunnan University encouraged questions from the opposite end. Mr. Chopra then took all the students for a campus tour and highlighted how iLEAD Campus had drawn inspirations from Chinese Culture and the Chinese Community in Kolkata. His insights were an eye-opener for the Chinese visitors. The students then followed him to iLEAD's second campus and returned to the first campus post lunch, where they had Chinese food. At the end of it, the visitors took leave and left for their next spot, Shantiniketan.

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