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Session by Ms. Vandana Kohli

Event Date:

January 13, 2023

On the 13th of January 2023, the BMS Department of iLEAD had invited Ms. Vandana Kohli, a renowned documentary filmmaker, and mental health advocate to conduct a workshop for the students.

The workshop was scheduled at 15:00 hours. Ms. Kohli had graced the New Auditorium of iLEAD with her presence. The evening started off with a warm welcome and felicitation of our honorary guest by the HOD of the BMS Department. She began the session with a short speech introducing her work and field of interest accompanied by the screening of the trailer of her documentary - " The Subtext of Anger". She also emphasised on the human mind and it's subparts, including how they work and how we feel and perceive emotions, especially anger.

Following this was an interactive talk between the students and Ms. Kohli along with a few exercises like Ms. Kohli had asked the students what made them angry the most and how do they act when they are overwhelmed with anger i.e. how do they express their anger to which all the students had varying and interesting responses.

On hearing the student's replies, Ms. Vandana Kohli preached her idea of how she thinks that anger is mostly caused by denial or when you try to blame someone or hold someone accountable for something they've done and that feeling angry is a natural emotion but instead of expressing it violently or suppressing it silently, how one should process it instead for their mental well-being.

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