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Managedia 2020 – Sports, Media, Management, Design and Cultural Fest

Event Date:

February 24, 2020

Managedia 2020, Chrysalis Celebrating Change, Celebrating Game Changers presented by iLEAD in association with t2 and co-association with Auto Mate and Shimla Restaurant was held from February 24th to 28th 2020 at the iLEAD campus, Topsia. With participants from 40 colleges, 53 sponsors and 200 judges, the 7th edition of Managedia was an exciting and unforgettable event.
Sanjay K. Jain, eminent author, scholar and Managing Director of TT Ltd was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of Managedia this year. Rahul Agarwal, CEO, Founder Director of Ideal Insurance, Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, acclaimed filmmaker and Jimmy Tangree, Head of 91.9 Friends FM,presided over as the Guests of Honor.
The team of the Bengali film Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti including actors Ritabhari Chakraborty, Soham Majumdar and director Aritro Mukherjee attended the inaugural ceremony along with singer Ujjaini Mukherjee.
Also Project Life Force with an idea to make West Bengal a zero blood deficit state set up a camp for blood donation at iLEAD helping us to merge a social cause with Managedia 2020.
Colleges that participated in the event included JDBI, Bhawanipur Education Society College, EIILM, Shri Shikshayatan, Techno India, IAM, Jaipuria College, Heritage Academy, St. Xaviers College, Muralidhar College, Goenka College, IHM, Agrasain College, George College Surendranath College, Shyamaprasad Mukherjee College, NSHM and more.
Students from different colleges were given the challenging task to come up with ideas that were innovative and adaptive with changing times and technology. The best among them were selected in various events of media, management, sports, culinary, design, debate, AI and data analytics, animation, field and cultural programs. The events ranged from Business Plan, Best Manager, Digital Marketing, AD and PR, Journalism, Marketing, Field Event, Film and Photography, Quill Verse, Finance, Business Discourse, Corporate Interview, Debate, Design and Animation. The cultural fest included face painting, unconventional painting, doodle art, standup comedy, storytelling, solo and group dance, dance cypher, solo singing eastern and western, war of rappers, beat boxing, genre singing, fashion show, stage drama, band and much more. Some of the new events that were included this year were AI, Data Analytics and Culinary.
Almost 10 sports events were conducted in two days. They included men and women teams in football, cricket, chess, kabaddi, carom, fitness mania and more.
The different rounds of management included presentations on implementing various AI technologies in business, diversification and also adapting to economically and environmentally sustainable strategies taking clues from ancient Indian practices. Students gave presentations on How to revive BSNL, Revival strategy for Air India and also various marketing strategies for health care industry, automobile industry and fashion industry.The media rounds included presentations on journalism courage and podcasts. Students also had to design a newspaper called Calcutta Mirror and create photo stories on Changes in the city of Calcutta.The Ad and PR round were based on crisis management and logo making. The RJ Hunt round included themes like breakfast and snoozing alarm. The Digital Marketing event had rounds like selfie campaign, digital filmmaking and social media campaign wherein the participants had to create selfies/groupfies implementing given themes, a 3 minutes film on the theme of Students as Game Changers and a social media campaign on eco-friendly sanitary napkins. The marveling doodle art, face painting, unconventional painting and digital painting rounds were based on the concept of Evolution.
The rounds of Slam Poetry and Storytelling were based on the theme of A Perfect Memory. The Confab round witnessed students debating for and against the motion The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
Interior Designing event also witnessed some innovative creativity from students wherein they proposed great designs based on the theme of Moments to Capture.
The cultural fest was power packed with memorable performances from various colleges and universities. The Fashion Show round witnessed some amazing themes based on gender power dynamics, freedom of choice, inclusivity in the fashion industry, women power and taboos faced in the stereotypical society.
The Solo Dance round had performances ranging from hip-hop, popping, break dance to Indian classical. Some of the Group Dance themes were based on women empowerment, freedom of expression and overall change in the society. The Solo and Group Singing rounds had renditions of classical and contemporary Bollywood numbers along with folk songs. The War of Rappers round witnessed battles on the themes of betrayal, friendship and family relationships.
The distinguished judges in various rounds of the events included Soumya Shankar Ghoshal (Canon Eos Maestro, Street and Documentary), Anoop Guha (Canon EOS Maestro, Renowned Photographer), Paayel Sengupta (Group Head, MSL), Indrani Raha (Head of Journalism and Mass Communication Department, Muralidhar Girls College), Dr. Mala Dasgupta (Founder, Grey Matter PR), Debasish Sen Sharma (Independent Film Maker, Theatrician), Neela Mukherjee (Folk Singer), Mousumi Roy (Dancer), Imon Kalyan (Choreographer), Abir Ghosh (Assistant Professor, Marketing), Joy Ghosh (Owner, A. J. Digital Enterprise), Kishore Nag (Co-Founder and CEO, Techwala Digital Marketing Consultancy),Anusreea Paul Mukherjee (IT professional, blogger and social media enthusiast ), Pankaj Karmakar (National Technical Head, Internet Marketing School), Dhruba Chatterjee (Agro India), Aishwarya Biswas (Founder Director, AuLi Lifestyle Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.) among others.
The final day of the event was concluded with closing award ceremony followed by enthralling performances by MC Altaf, Spindoctor, Satyen, J Trix and Subspace

The awardees included



 Runner Up - iLEAD Team 2  Winner - iLEAD Team 1  .

Best Manager

 Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - iLEAD Team B  

B Plan

 Runner Up - iLEAD Team 1  Winner - JDBI  


 Runner Up - JDBI  Winner - iLEAD Team 2  

Business Quiz

 Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - ILAED Team 2  

Business Discourse

 Runner Up -Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - iLEAD Team 1  

Corporate Interview

 Runner Up - JDBI Team 2  Winner - Jaipuria Team 1  


 2nd Runner Up- Surendranath College  1stRunner Up - iLEAD Team 2  Winner - Shri Shikshayatan  Judges Choice Speaker Surendranath College  Judges Choice Best Speaker - iLEAD  

Quill Verse

 Black Out Poetry - iLEAD  Dear Someone Bhawanipur Education Society College  Character Biopsy - iLEAD  

AD and PR

 Runner Up - iLEAD Team 2  Winner - Bhawanipur Education Society College  


 Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - Shri Shikshayatan  

RJ Hunt

 Runner Up - iLEAD Team 2  Winner - Muralidhar College  

Film and Photography

 2nd Runner Up - IHM Team 1  1st Runner Up - Amity University  Winner - iLEAD Team 2  

Digital Marketing (Selfie Campaign)

 Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - iLEAD  

Digital Marketing (Meme Making)

 Runner Up - iLEAD  Winner - iLEAD  

Digital Marketing (Digital Filmmaking)

 Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - iLEAD  

Digital Filmmaking (Social Media Campaign)

 Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - iLEAD  

Artificial Intelligence

 Winner - iLEAD Team 2  

Interior Design (Moments To Capture)

 Runner Up - JDBI  Winner - iLEAD  

Interior Design (Hello Kolkata)

 Runner Up - ESEDS iLEAD  Winner - ESEDS iLEAD  

Fashion Design

 2nd Runner Up - NSHM  1stRunner Up - EIILM  Winner - ESEDS iLEAD  


 Runner Up - iLEAD Team 1  Winner - IAM  


 Runner Up - HiTech Animation (Sonarpur)  Winner - HiTech Animation (Howrah)  

Face Painting

 2nd Runner Up - Goenka College  1st Runner Up - Shayamaprasad College  Winner - Shri Shikshayatan  

Unconventional Painting

 2nd Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  1st Runner Up - iLEAD  Winner - Shri Shikshayatan  

Doodle Art

 2nd Runner Up - ESEDS iLEAD  1st Runner Up - Muralidhar College  Winner - Shri Shikshayatan College  

Poster Making

 2nd Runner Up - JDBI  1st Runner Up - iLEAD Team 1  Winner - iLEAD Team 2
Digital Painting –  2nd Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  1st Runner Up - iLEAD Team 2  Winner - iLEAD Team 1  

Stand Up Comedy

 2nd Runner Up - THK Jain College  1st Runner Up - iLEAD  Winner - Bhawanipur Education Society College  

Slam Poetry

 2nd Runner Up - IHM  1st Runner Up - Techno India  Winner - JDBI  


 2nd Runner Up - iLEAD  1st Runner Up - Jaipuria College  Winner - Heritage College  

Solo Singing Eastern

 2nd Runner Up - Shyamaprasad College  1st Runner Up - iLEAD  Winner - iLEAD  

Solo Singing Western

 2nd Runner Up - iLEAD  1st Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - iLEAD  

Folk Singing

 2nd Runner Up - EIILM  1st Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - iLEAD  

Genre Singing

 1st Runner Up - iLEAD  Winner - Bhawanipur Education Society College  

One Word One Song

 2nd Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  1st Runner Up - Jaipuria College  Winner - iLEAD  


 2nd Runner Up - EIILM  1st Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Winner - iLEAD  

Beat Boxing

 2nd Runner Up - St. Pauls College  1st Runner Up - St. Thomas' College of Engineering and Technology  Winner - Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management  

War of Rappers

 2nd Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  1st Runner Up - iLEAD  Winner - iLEAD  

Stage Drama

 2nd Runner Up - Muralidharan College  1st Runner Up - iLEAD Team 1  Winner - iLEAD Team 2  Best Actor (Male) - Askari Abbar  Best Actor (Female) - Yukti Verma  

Solo Dance

 2nd Runner Up - ABC College  1st Runner Up - IIHM  Winner - iLEAD  

Group Dance

 2nd Runner Up - Jaipuria College  1st Runner Up - EIILM  Winner - iLEAD Team A  

Dance Cypher

 2nd Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  1st Runner Up - iLEAD  Winner - Agrasain College  

Fashion Show

 2nd Runner Up - Bhawanipur Education Society College  1st Runner Up - NSHM  Winner - iLEAD  
 Mr and Ms Managedia - Debasmita Saha and and Askari Abbas from iLEAD  Best Representative College - Bhawanipur Education Society College  Most Active College - iLEAD  Best Visiting College - Bhawanipur Education Society College

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