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‘Key To Crack An Interview’- Seminar On How To Crack An Interview

Event Date:

May 9, 2023

A session on ‘Key to Crack an Interview’ on May 9, 2023 was arranged by the Student Affairs Club and the NSS Unit of iLEAD. The session was open to all, students from other institutes also attended the session along with the students of iLEAD. An interview is nothing but a conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee. However, there are specific methods to crack an interview successfully. Corporate coach and Motivational Speaker, Reema Mukherjee (Certified Career Transition Consultant at Randstad RiseSmart India) was invited to share the core facts of how to crack an interview with the students. She helped and motivated all the students by communicating with them from the beginning of the session. She spoke about what an interview actually is and also explained how an interviewee should portray him/herself in front of the interviewer. She shared tips on dealing with interview anxiety and discussed how to dress appropriately for an interview. All the present students made the session successful with their enthusiastic and energetic participation throughout the session.

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