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Interactive Session with Manoj Michigan at iLEAD

Event Date:

July 19, 2018

Film director, writer and producer Manoj Michigan shared his life experiences as he covered A- Z aspects of filmmaking, from pre production to post, with the students at iLEAD. He spoke about how budget is the first step towards film making. Mr. Michigan commenced the workshop with the talk of most basic and initial step in film making- story. He moved on with his speech describing budget, cast, location, technicalities involved and the roles. He brought in for reference his upcoming film Tritiyo Adhyay - The Third Chapter, casting Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam. He defined a director as the "captain of a ship" who gives the ship its direction of sail.

He gave examples of VFX films and explained how it was used in films like The Dark Knight & Avatar. He enlightened the students on script, story, location, budget and location. He explained how Recce is undertaken and how and when to pay advance payments and fix locations. Apart from this he also spoke about his casting, locations, technicians, camera equipment, light, props, makeup artist and costume designer. The session was interactive as he gave lot of opportunity to students to ask him questions based on aspects of film making.

The session truly inspired the budding Media science professionals and would be film makers to enter this highly creative and challenging world with full creative and technical expertise.

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