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“Immigrate to Canada via Startup” Session at iLEAD

Event Date:

September 8, 2023

The Dale Carnegie Auditorium at iLEAD witnessed an illuminating session on September 8th, 2023, titled "Immigrate to Canada via Startup." This exclusive event was dedicated to shedding light on Canadian visa programs, powered by Zaks& Parson in partnership with Green and Spiegel, designed for innovative students. These programs not only benefit Canadian citizens but also offer promising settlement opportunities to Indian immigrants, enabling them to craft businesses with global competitiveness.

Distinguished Guests:

    The event welcomed esteemed guests who shared their valuable insights and experiences:
  • Mr. Stephen Green

  • Mr. Mehmet Komurcu

  • Mr. Eren Sari

Interactive Engagement:
The session fostered a dynamic and friendly atmosphere, encouraging active participation and interaction between the guests and students. The guests delivered speeches that resonated deeply with the audience.

Mr. Stephen Green's Journey:
Mr. Green took the stage and narrated his personal journey of establishing a successful business in Canada. He emphasized the art of balancing family life with a thriving professional career, providing students with a glimpse into the possibilities and challenges of entrepreneurship abroad.

Work-Life Balance in Canada:
Following Mr. Green, Mr. Mehmet Komurcu addressed the audience, emphasizing the seamless work-life balance that Canada offers. He highlighted why students should consider Canada as a destination for both education and entrepreneurship, showcasing the advantages of the Canadian lifestyle.

A Motivational Finale:
Mr. Eren Sari concluded the session with a motivational speech that resonated with aspiring students. He urged them to focus on a single path to success while making informed choices that lead to win-win situations. His words ignited a sense of determination among the attendees.

This session provided a golden opportunity for students aspiring to study abroad or embark on entrepreneurial journeys. It equipped them with valuable insights on how to transform their dreams into reality. The "Immigrate to Canada via Startup" event at iLEAD was an inspiring and informative platform for students to explore exciting opportunities on the global stage.

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