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Future Vista – Session on Data Science

Event Date:

June 17, 2022

The 4th day of Future Vista conclave at iLEAD witnessed dignitaries from the fields of Data Science, Cyber Security and Media. The forum talked about the immense opportunities in the sectors along with advising students on building their careers.

The first panel of the day was regarding data science. Amlan Chakrabarti (Professor and Director, A K Choudhury School of Information Technology, University of Calcutta), Subhodeep Dey (Senior Developer, Stibo Systems India Pvt. Ltd.), Saptarsi Goswami (Asst Professor, A K Choudhury School of Information Technology, University of Calcutta), Sourav Mukherjee (Associate MD, Accenture), Saurav Mukherjee (VP, Corporate Treasury, Goldman Sach, USA) consisted of the esteemed panel.

“Data science tries to understand the very deep knowledge of science”, said Amlan Chakrabarti.

While talking about ‘Explainable AI’, he said, “Whatever space of application you touch, whether is health, environment, finance, education, working with the data, generating insights and most useful is how you define your actions from that or how you act based on your decision”.

Sourav Mukherjee, working as Associate MD at Accenture said, “Data Science can be applied in multiple fields and gain lot of useful insights out of the data but you have to be very good in conceptual part as well as in skill part”.

He also explained that freshers out of college have the most scopes in ‘data engineering’ ‘data analysis’ and ‘data visualization’.

Giving tips to students for campus placements he mentioned, “One thing which every company looks for is whether you have that analytical skill”.

Saurav Mukherjee, VP, Goldman Sach, also joined the panel from USA. Mentioning the application of data science in various fields he also mentioned how it is recession-proof. “Data science is a very safe bait for students because companies will invest in data science no matter whether it is a recession or not. At least in the current situation, it is recession-proof”, he said.

Saptarsi Goswami stressed on domain expertise and knowledge along with the basic skills to do well in the field of data science. “You need to have some understanding of the domain”, he said.

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