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Future Vista 2024 – Session on Animation

Event Date:

April 9, 2024

On the second day of the 'Future Vista- The New Age Careers' 2024 career conference, dignitaries from the business, technology, sports, and tea sectors were present in iLEAD. With the emergence of the new age career options, an event like Future Vista was organised to help our students unlock the brightest career options in the animation and graphic design sector. Mr. Aditya Sengupta (Eminent Film Director & Writer), Ms. Riya Deb Roy (Creative Head, SVF Entertainment), Mr. Biswajit Pegu (VFX Supervisor, Disney Plxer), Ms. Joyeeta (Visual Artist, Influencer & Co-Founder of Studio Joyeeta) were welcomed as the esteemed panelists, and Mr. Sourav Mukherjee (HOD, Animation & Gaming, iLEAD Kolkata) joined as the moderator of the session. The panel discussion was mainly based on animation and VFX where dignitaries discussed how AI will impact the future generation of artists to enhance their career growth in the field of animation and graphic design.

Speaking on how AI could affect the arts, Mr. Aditya Sengupta said that technology would "simplify our work culture." "It will lessen the workload for artists by acting as an assistant feature." On the other side, the importance of cultivating a strong sense of aesthetics and recognizing one's talents to highlight in a portfolio was emphasized by Ms. Joyeeta. Mr. Biswajit Pegu virtually joined the session and highlighted the blending of science and creativity in visual effects, and shared insights from his work on Top Gun: Maverick. "VFX combines science and art," he said. He added, they encouraged me to work on mathematical calculations when we first started on Top Gun. The need to prepare oneself to use AI efficiently was underscored by Ms. Riya Deb Roy. She said, "In what ways we prepare ourselves to use it is essential." Hence, the panel discussion provided core in-depth knowledge to participants on the evolving landscape of animation and VFX where they evaluated the role of AI and the importance of aesthetic development with a fusion of science and arts in the VFX project. The session was highly interactive and inspired the learners of our college to adopt technological advancement and increase their creative skills as well to achieve success in the industry.

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