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E-Waste Collection Center Inaugurated at iLEAD

Event Date:

May 30, 2022

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, iLEAD inaugurated an e-waste collection centre at the campus in association with Hulladek on May 30th 2022. Mr. Nandan Mall, Chairman and Managing Director, Hulladek, conducted a session with the students of iLEAD to raise awareness about sustainable disposal of e-waste. He talked about proper collection and channelization of electronic waste to authorized recyclers. The session also focused on how increasing e-waste is challenging public health in India. Improper handling of e-waste is proving to be perilous to the public health and eco-system of the country. E-wastes comprise of metals, plastics and hazardous pollutants that can affect children’s nervous system, blood levels, skin, cause chronic gastritis and other health issues. Mr. Nandan Mall, trained at Indumetal Recycling in Bilbao, Spain for about 2 years, had studied processes for extraction of precious metals and salting techniques. Upon his return to India in 2014, he conceptualized Hulladek Recycling based on the expertise and knowledge gained from his time abroad. “The young generation comprises of frequent gadget users. The session was organized to make them aware about the importance of proper e-waste management and also impart the knowledge about how e-waste is processed”, said Nandan Mall. Mr. Pradip Chopra, Chairman of iLEAD, also attended the event and spoke about e-waste management. “More than a million computers in Indian households become obsolete every year. This tremendously increases the e-waste in the country. It is essential that now we shift to sustainable e-waste collection and management for a better future”, said Pradip Chopra who has earlier been awarded the prestigious Plasticon 2000 award from Plast India Foundation for developing an Eco-friendly wood substitute 'Eco-Wud' out of Municipal solid waste.

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