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Ms. Niyasha Patra

Faculty in Cyber Security and Data Science

  • Phone: 9038248040

Faculty at iLEAD

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Ms Patra has been associated with iLEAD since April 2023. Prior to this, she was associated with IHRM Kolkata as an Assistant Professor of the BCA department. Ms. Patra has 8 years of working experience in academics and administration. She has expertise in teaching Operating Systems, Database management Systems, Java, C, Python, MIS, and Advance Excel. She has attended several FDP, STTP, and workshops in her tenure. Ms Patra has obtained three certificates (Short term courses) in the IT domain from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, and the University of Michigan.

  • Information technology
  • Data Science
  • DBMS
  • Java
  • Python
  • Chapter in Books:
    • Customer Perception on Quality of Online Banking Services (With special reference SBI & ICICI Bank): A Study on Chaos and Complexity Perspective, Springer Nature [Scopus Listed], 2020.
    • A study on Chaos and Complexity of Consumer Behaviour towards Virtual and Physical Shopping Platform, HSRA Publication, 2021.
  • Journals
    • A comparative study of online shopping consumer perception on Amazon, Flip Kart and Paytm, Social Research Foundation, 2019.
  • Data Science
  • Big data
  • Chaos and complexity
  • Cooking
  • Listening Music

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