B.Voc in Beauty Aesthetics

iLEAD is offering a 3 year vocational degree in Beauty & Aesthetics. The degree and diploma will be offered by MAKAUT, the largest university in West Bengal. There will be a flexibility of joining the industry with a UGC recognized diploma immediately after completion of 1 or 2 years of the course and also a choice to rejoin the course after gaining industry experience. The degree will also enable the student to pursue M.Voc or P.hD in Beauty & Aesthetics. The course curriculum is skill specific and employment based in collaboration with industry partners. Our course in Beauty & Aesthetics is designed to meet the industry standards and covers multiple aspects to equip the student with all essential theoretical knowledge and firsthand experience.The course covers numerous areas including Bridal Fashion and Photographic Makeup Artist, Theatrical and Media Makeup Artist, Personality Development and Grooming, Aesthetic Dermatology Techniques and Wellness Neurotherapy to name a few.

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  • Course Structure Open or Close

    Semester 1 Semester 2
    1 Introduction to Salon and Aestheics 1 Salon & Customer Care
    2 Hand & Feet Care 2 Beauty Regime
    3 Hair Trichology 3 Hair Care
    4 Communication Skills 4 Biology for Beauty Therapy
    5 Fundamentals of Information Technology 5 Soft Skills and Personality Development
    6 6 Summer Industrial Training
    7 7 Fundamentals of Information Technology
    8 Entrepreneurship Skill Development-I
    Semester 3 Semester 4
    1 Home Care Beauty Treatments 1 Hair Coloring
    2 Hair Cuts & Styling Techniques 2 Spa Indulgence
    3 Prosthetic and Media Make Up Artistry 3 Body Perfection through Yoga, Aerobics & Gym
    4 Leadership & effective Communication 4 Professional Client Handling
    5 Value Education And Human Rights 5 Summer Industrial Training
    6 Basics Computer level III 6 Environmental Education
    7 Entrepreneurship Skill Development-II
    Semester 5 Semester 6
    1 Critical Thinking and Elementary Statistics 1 Advance Makeup
    2 Beauty & Business Management 2 Pre Bridal Grooming Plan
    3 Body Therapy 3 Electrical & Chemical Treatments
    4 Basic Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Beauty 4 Summer Industrial/ In- house Training and Comprehensive Viva
    5 Chemical Hair Procedure 5 Research Methodology
    6 Personality Development & Grooming 6 Entrepreneurship Skill Development-III
    7 Environmental Education

  • FAQ Open or Close

    1. Who can join the B.Voc courses?

    Any class XII pass out from any board can join the first year of B.Voc course. Students having completed Level 5 of Skill Development Program from any ITI or Polytechnic can also join second year and after completing Level 6 program, directly in third year of the B.Voc graduate program.

    2. What is a B.Voc Course and how is it different from a general degree course?

    In B.Voc course students completing the first year get a Diploma certificate, after second year they get the Advanced Diploma certificate and after completion of third year, they get a B.Voc Degree. This flexibility is not available in normal standard graduation programs of same or similar nomenclature. B.Voc courses are also an excellent opportunity and option for someone who has a problem of committing 3 years at a stretch to an undergraduate program or affording a 3 year fee. In addition these course curriculums are skill focused and industry recommended.

    3. What are the career prospects after doing a B.Voc Course?

    Students passing out from this course will easily find employment in their chosen streams even after completing one year or two years of training. However, after getting this degree they would also be entitled to do any post graduate or M.Voc or Ph.D in their chosen fields.

    4. In which subjects are you offering B.Voc?

    The programs offered under B.Voc are on Retail Management, Animation, Beauty and Aesthetics, Renewable Energy Management, Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing, Theatre Study and Acting

    5. Will we get any industry experience?

    The course curriculum is skill focused and industry recommended with continuous on job training (internship kind of exposure) in collaboration with the industry partners. So industry experiences are substantially embedded in the entire training program.

    6. Is a B.Voc degree given importance in the professional world?

    Most students passing out of graduate or post graduate programs often find that they are disconnected with the requirement of the prospective employer and the industry. A B.Voc student on the other hand gets industry offers from the first year of the course itself. By the time they pass out they are already industry ready and employable in their chosen field with experience of working in the industry. They can also choose to go for higher studies if desired.

    7. What would be consequence if someone is completing one year, leaving college, joining work and again coming back after two years, is he or she eligible to start from 2nd year or straight away study in the 3rd year?

    The student in such case has to start from the 2nd year. They can resume from where they left the course. This is a unique flexibility offered in the program.

    8. What is the age limit?

    There is no age limit.

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