Success is what you make of yourself: From Avantika Guptas Diary


We often talk about getting ‘quality education’ from reputed institutions. But what do we actually mean by that? The kind of education wherein learners with capabilities would be provided all such facilities to become economically productive, develop proper livelihoods and above all, contribute to a peaceful society where they come of use to all and enhance individual well-being is what defined ‘quality education’. It is a matter of pride for all those students who achieve this kind of learning.

Avantika Gupta, a student of the Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Development has given some real inspiration to many other fellow students and professionals by becoming a ‘woman of substance’. Avantika has been a student of the Msc in Media Science batch in the institute, with a great liking towards Public Relations. She has always felt that when people are taken care of, everything else takes care of itself.

bluelotusPreviously, Avantika has achieved significantly with one of the biggest organizations, PRSI (Public Relations Society of India), which was a stepping-stone to her success story. In keeping with the course curriculum, she interned with a company- Blue Lotus Communications. The organization has done well over the course of time and Avantika joined only after doing considerable research about it.

For those who are unaware of this, Blue Lotus has performed persistently after winning the Indian Consultancy of the year by Holmes Report 2010, Best PR Agency of the year by India PR & Corporate Communications Awards 2011 and Best PR Agency for Corporate and Government PR by Public Relations Society of India, Kolkata Chapter in 2014.

bluelotus-clientsAvantika benefitted tremendously after interacting with several renowned clients, all of them being associated with the organization. Besides, she followed up on a number of story coverages and that gave her a plus point in comparison to many others, alongside contributing to a feel-good factor. This included reading the newspapers on a daily basis, researching about journalists, their designations and the beats they covered. Also, there were scopes of external communication and field visits to help explore herself.


funatbluelotus-1PR work is all about being observant in nature and giving constant effort in every work the professionals do. Avantika has always had an eye for detail, which helped her make a mark in the company within a very short span of time. Her hard work was not only noticed by the CEO of the company, but appreciated likewise. Like any other organization, there were shortcomings too. But as the young lady says, ‘keep away from politics’. Indulging once in a while in light gossip during leisure hours at office has never done anyone any harm. But when it comes to working, professionalism matters. And that’s exactly why she has chosen to refrain from trivial politicized discussions. Eventually, that became her secret mantra to success!


Avantika stands a fine example among fellow iLEADERS who has done it big and has more heights to scale. Thanks to iLEAD in paving the way for her and helping realize her dreams and potentials to the fullest.