Travelling Office, Travelling You

A dilemma of the modern world is to travel or not to travel. More and more young professionals are falling into the pit of depression with the same old city life. There are many among them who opt for weekend getaways but many are prone to fall in love with the concept of travelling a bit too much.  In such cases they want to make travel a lifestyle.  But the problem occurs when   these travel options do not last long as lack of money or survival needs haunt the minds soon. More than the resources being organized and in place what many suffer from is lack of brain activity or engagements, something which they were conditioned to throughout their time at 10-6 job life. The answer to this is the ‘Travelling Office’ but before you read further make sure you are a workaholic, only with too much love for travelling.

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A Free Advice on Saving Your Big Asset – Time

An Era of Distractions

Storage devices and communication devices have evolved and this evolution is an ongoing process that cannot be ignored. Be it telephones or television everything has been reduced to smart access in our fingertips. But with this, an era of distractions has dawned on us with false dreams and loose foundations which can be withstood only by the fittest, smartest and most focused.

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Exercise and Workout Your Way to the Better Self

Fitness and exercise is the elixir of life and the best gift that you can give yourself.  Exercise helps you to activate the mind and body. It keeps you focused on progress.

IMG_9890Most people hit the gym to get the perfect body type they desire and impress the world around them but the basic goal of working out is to be fit.  With the current trends of food habits and escalating pollution levels risk of heart diseases and other physical ailments are high.

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Fitness – Your First Step towards a Better Self

When you are not even close to where you want to see yourself in life and have hit rock bottom it is time to understand that you need to take control of your life and become the best version of yourself. Motivation legend Tony Robbins once said, “Progress makes people happy” and you need to understand that progressing towards the best version of yourself is an uphill task which will require effort and hard work.

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