A Rule of Six

A Rule of Six

There are six things you should keep in mind while moving forward in life.


1. Firstly if you have to choose between time and money, choose time because it will never come back and neither can it be created. You and I both have 24 hours in a day.

Nothing more, nothing less. So do not do anything for the love of money. In the world of media and management there is no successful person who you can name, who chose their profession for monetary rewards. So always choose time above money. Make use of your time to create something of value.


2. Secondly, what you must remember is to love what you do instead of doing what you love. Be grateful for what you have. From there strive towards your goals.


3. Thirdly do not constantly change your goals or have too many goals, you will achieve none.


4. Fourthly don’t work for short term goals or for material success or getting validation from other people. See if your work is adding any value to the world.


5. The fifth thing you should remember is when stepping into the world of profession if you are learning anything new. If you are not learning anything new then chances are it is a one way process and you are not progressing as a person. Our brains are designed to explore the horizons and our limiting beliefs. Do not let boredom set in. Keep learning.


6. Last but not the least; be in a profession in which your expertise cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence or simply by any other employee or an entrepreneur.



Author: Samrat Dey

Samrat after a decade of working in the world of media can often be sometimes now seen on Sundays at various Kolkata cafes with a guitar, diary and microphone. Literature, jazz music, and thunderstorms help him write poetry, reports and movie scripts which gets him compliments, published articles and awards from various countries at his doorstep when he least expects them. He has a knack for emceeing, teach and sometimes sing on stage and also completed courses in Photography and French (DELF A1) with distinction. His interests include AI, Philanthropy, Recycling and currently he is working as a teacher of Digital Media, Blogger and Content Writer at iLEAD.