10 Tips for Personality Development

The best investment you can make is in yourself - Warren Buffett

Have you ever come across anyone whose persona impressed you almost instantly? Do you wonder how some people always manage to remain the center of attraction and receive all the admiration from your peers?

The answer is simple. It’s their personality that attracts and inspires people. While we are born with our individual traits and habits, there’s always room for improvement.

You too can become the ‘centre of attraction’ that you have always admired by following these tips below –

1. Be Warm And Helpful – Everyone likes a colleague or superior who is helpful and considerate. It gives you satisfaction of helping others as well. The more you are warm and approachable, the more people will be comfortable working with you.

2. Develop Confidence and Optimism – Negativity decreases your productivity as well as discourages others around you. Optimism shows your enthusiasm and also encourages others. Your confidence boosts your will to accomplish the hardest tasks.

3. Adapt – Today’s work culture is diverse. People from different regions and cultures come together to work at one place. It is essential that you are adaptive and respectful to the various diverse cultures and ethnicity around you. Also, being adaptive to technological advancements is important.

4. Compliment Others – Learn to appreciate other’s efforts. Complements boost their enthusiasm towards work and also make them eager to achieve targets.

5. Dress Appropriately – How you carry yourself in front of others is important. So dress as per your comfort level and also as per the occasion. You cannot wear shorts or casuals to a board meeting. Similarly, you can’t wear formal attires to a very informal party.

6. Body Language – Watch how you are sitting, walking or talking. Your body language is the first thing people notice about you. Avoid using gestures that may offend a person. Positive gestures create great impression about you during non verbal communications. Also, try and develop social skills that will help you to interact with people in workplace as well as social gatherings.

7. Correct Your Mistakes – Human beings are prone to mistakes. Learn to accept your mistakes and work on correcting them. Don’t be ignorant towards your flaws or faults.

8. Work on Your Inner Qualities – Personality is not all about looks. So, rather than working on your looks, work on your values, attitude and behavior. Stay calm, consistent and sincere in adverse situations.

9. Work on Your Communicative Skills – Be clear while communicating with others. Your words or gestures should not be confusing. Clarity in communication makes work easier. Be sensible and sensitive while delegating work. Check your tone while talking to your peers too. Your rudeness will result in their dislike towards you.

10. Do Not Imitate – Be original. Be the way you are. Do not try and copy someone else and lose your own essence. In the long run, it will be a suffocating experience. Develop your own style as per your own comfort zone.


Additional Tips:

  • **Choose the kind of work that you are passionate about.
  • **Do not shout and don’t be aggressive.
  • **Don’t talk too much. Don’t interrupt others at every occasion and try to be a good listener.
  • **Don’t try to be perfect always. Accept your imperfections and be a learner.
  • **Be patient and polite.



Author: Saheli Goswami

Saheli, when she is not writing, you will find her curled in a comfortable chair with a book in her hands. An avid reader, she has a natural flair of writing. She has been living on the routine of eat, sleep, repeat writing since 2013. A total foodie, if you want to be in her good books talk enthusiastically about food. Writing and editing on television content has been her forte. Currently she is a Content Writer at iLEAD.