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Newtown SmartCity Visit

Event Date:

August 9, 2023

iLEAD arranged a field visit to the Newtown SmartCity on August 9th, 2023. The field visit was set up for the students ofiLEADSchool of Science and Technology. More than 60 students went to the Newtown SmartCity visiṭ. After reaching SmartCity, students first met the Newtown Kolkata Development Authority. The students visited the Integrated Command and Control Centre first where they got to see the ways of keeping track of the entire Newtown area like how the whole area is tracked using CCTV cameras, and the garbage waste ratio that is collected from the residents of Newtown. Also, the students were taken to the Bio-Mithenation Plant Capacity to describe the entire process of segregating waste and creating energy from the waste. The third destination of the field was the Water Plant.There students saw the procedure of procuring and purifying the water of the river Ganges. The students got the see the computerized version of the entire water channel system. Undoubtedly it was a successful field visit to the Newtown SmartCity because of the participation of the engrossed students of iLEAD.

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