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Healthy Chef Showdown: Healthy Cooking Competition

Event Date:

May 24, 2024

Food plays a vital role in nurturing both our mind and body. Healthy eating is a crucial practice that everyone should choose to achieve a healthy body and mind. There are many ways and options available these days to make food nutritious and tasty at the same time. Hence, to promote awareness about healthy eating, iLEAD in collaboration with iLEAD Health Club organised a healthy cooking competition for all the students and mentors of iLEAD, named ‘Healthy Chef Showdown’ on May 24th, 2024. The competition began at 11:00 am and took place at Casablanca in iLEAD.

A total of seven teams of students from iLEAD consisting of two to three participants in each group participated in the competition.

The participants prepared various healthy vegetarian snacks and breakfast options without using any equipment that produces flame or any electronic gadget that generates heat in 90 minutes. Healthy dishes such as healthy sandwiches, salads, juice, shakes, and chaats using healthy ingredients were made by the participants.

The competition was judged by the three mentors of iLEAD: Mr. Annesh Bilas Thakur, Ms. Shinjini Ghosh and Ms. Nirabari Bandyopadhyay. Out of the seven participant groups, three were awarded first, second and third place.

It was a successful and engaging initiative that promoted healthy eating and demonstrated how to prepare healthy food options quickly.

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