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iLEAD Student Council is the official student union of iLEAD. We exist to provide various services to our current students. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are honest, transparent and responsible in our work. We are here to provide opportunities, help to create change and offer support.

Standing up because of you. For you. iLEAD Student Council.

Student Council 2016 - 2017

  • Sukhbinder Singh


  • Abhishek Tiwari


  • Taqdeesur Rahman


Student Council

  • Academics
  • Discipline
  • Cultural
  • Events
  • Sports
  • Corporate Relations
  • Debate
  • Social Media
  • Film & Photography
  • Alumni
  • Student Council Team

Student Head : Vibha Gupta, BBA

Assistant- Heads: Mehul Agarwal BMS , Rajasmita Dutta BMS

Mentor : Ishita Dutta Ray / Anindita Bose

Student Head : Yash Beria, BBA

Assistant- Heads: Namrata Shah, BMS , Siddhant Srivastava, BBA

Mentor : Gourab Chattopadhyay

Student Head : Nikita Shah, BBA

Assistant- Heads: Anushka Upasak & Siddhi Mehrotra BBA, Shaista Khatoon & Fazal Elahi, BMS

Mentor : Aishwarya Chatterjee

Student Head : Rashi Agarwal, BMS

Assistant- Heads: Sadique Rayees BBA & Aditya Prasad BMS

Mentor : Dr.Debasis Ray & Amreen Izhar

Student Head : Priyanka Mall, BMS

Assistant- Heads: Mitul Seth, BBA

Mentor : Sookanya Dasgupta

Student Head : Anisha Das, BMS

Assistant- Heads: Tridha Ghoshal, BBA

Mentor : Gourab Chattopadhyay

Student Head : Yatika Kochar, MSC

Assistant- Heads: Jaya Batra, BBA

Mentor : Mom Mitra

Student Head : Lekha Lohia, MSC

Assistant- Heads: Mustafa Rangoonwala & Kunal Panchamia, BMS

Mentor : Suchi Maheshwari & Arkaprava Chattopadhyay

Student Head : Akhil Gupta, BBA

Mentor : Anindita Bose & Sookanya Dasgupta

Student Head : Arsheen Aman, BBA

Assistant- Heads: Jai Gadhia, BMS & Fakhruddin Dahodwala, BBA

Mentor : Arkaprava Chakrabarty & Prosenjit Auddy

Student Council members

2016 - 2017

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Student Election

Each Summer at iLEAD, students have the opportunity to vote in a consistent, respectful, and transparent manner.

Your voice. Your choice.

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