Personality Development

Start date: 06-January-2018

Duration: 3 Months

Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across to your audience. It is everything that one needs to impress people.

Discover the hidden aspects of your personality, accelerate success & popularity” - says Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

This is true, success in business and personal life is determined by one’s ability to communicate effectively with others. Social intelligence, or the ability to interact, converse, negotiate with, and persuade others, is the most respected form of skill one can have, and this can be developed! You can get the confidence and the ability to achieve whatever you want in life with an unshakable smile. So it’s very important to take advantage of every opportunity to develop your communication skills.

iLEAD’s Personality Development Programme is an intensive total immersion programme, devised to impart the required soft skills to the participants in the shortest possible time. It is the brain child of Mr. Pradip Chopra, a social forecaster, observer, analyst & director on the board of the reputed PS Group. Students participating in this programme will experience a drastic transformation in terms of personality, communication skills, confidence level and the way of looking at life. Though our total personality development programme is mainly targeted to impart the required soft skills to the younger generation, it also caters to a larger age group (16-60 years).

Course Objective

The entire programme is based on the concept of learning and acquiring skills most effectively when one is not under any pressure. The whole process of acquiring skills is like a game – entertaining and exciting. It is similar to the way a child learns to communicate and acquire skills, but with greater awareness.

The programme is devised based on years of research and inputs from some of the world’s best experts and research scholars on education, training, communication, leadership and soft skills. It has been planned for the holistic development of the participants and has a multi-pronged approach. The programme however, has provision for constant evolution and innovation.

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