Digital Marketing

Start date: 24-June-2017

Duration: 3 Months

It’s no secret that the world has embraced all things digital since the birth of the internet. To give you an idea of the explosion of online usage over the last 15 years, about 361 million people were online worldwide in 2000. In 2014, there were over 3 billion. That’s a growth rate of 764%! Today, nearly half the world is online. No matter which device you use, on average, people spend over 1,900 minutes per month online — that’s over 30 hours!

So what are they doing with all that time online? And how can your business tap into this opportunity? The online advertising market in India has touched Rs 3,575 crore (578.13 million) in 2015, a 30 per cent rise from Rs 2,750 crore (US$ 444.72 million) in March 2014, as per a joint study by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International. But there will be a severe lack of trained digital professionals. Online video has also seen triple-digit growth in the last five years, with millions everyday watching video on social sites or via websites such as Netflix and YouTube.

To cater to this growing need and also help working professionals to keep up with the growing demands of this sector, iLEAD has developed a three month modular course on Digital Marketing. This three months digital marketing program at iLEAD is designed to provide you with the skills that will help you to understand and manage these digital marketing tactics as per the integrated strategies.

Digital Marketing is one of the most sought after professions following the rapid evolution of social, internet and mobile marketing.
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Quick Look

  • Course Structure Open or Close

    Session 1: Digital Marketing Strategy for a Project − An Introduction
    Session 2:  Search Engine Optimisation – Understanding Keywords and
    Using them for Digital Media Marketing
    Session 3: Website Analytics
    Session 4: Understanding Website: Website Content Writing
    Session 5: Understanding Design
    Session 6 Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing
    Session 7: Digital Ad in other mediums
    Session 8: Live Project Discussion
    Session 9: Communication in Digital Media: Understanding the Strategies
    Session 10: Use Social Networks for Planning and Managing Communications
    and Marketing − Social Media Marketing and Online PR.
    Session 11: Social Media Marketing 2 − Use Social Networks for Planning and Managing
    Communications and Marketing − Social Media Marketing and Online PR
    Session 12: Blogging and Online Magazines
    Session 13: Mobile Marketing: Understanding of the rapid transformation of the mobile
    marketing landscape

  • Course Fees Open or Close

    Fees: 15,000

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