A Free Advice on Saving Your Big Asset – Time

An Era of Distractions

Storage devices and communication devices have evolved and this evolution is an ongoing process that cannot be ignored. Be it telephones or television everything has been reduced to smart access in our fingertips. But with this, an era of distractions has dawned on us with false dreams and loose foundations which can be withstood only by the fittest, smartest and most focused.

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To the Queen of the Hills – Darjeeling

Friends are people with whom you cherish memories, and are always eager to make new ones with. If the serene beauty of a hill station is put into this mix, things just seem to leave one spellbound. It was one hell of an experience for me to be a part of the Educational Batch Trip, organized by ILEAD for BMS and BBA batches of 2015-18 to the queen of the hills, Darjeeling in the month of April.

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Success is what you make of yourself: From Avantika Guptas Diary

We often talk about getting ‘quality education’ from reputed institutions. But what do we actually mean by that? The kind of education wherein learners with capabilities would be provided all such facilities to become economically productive, develop proper livelihoods and above all, contribute to a peaceful society where they come of use to all and enhance individual well-being is what defined ‘quality education’. It is a matter of pride for all those students who achieve this kind of learning.

Avantika Gupta, a student of the Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Development has given some real inspiration to many other fellow students and professionals by becoming a ‘woman of substance’. Avantika has been a student of the BMS (Bachelor of Media Science) batch in the institute, with a great liking towards Public Relations. She has always felt that when people are taken care of, everything else takes care of itself.

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