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So you want to market and brand yourself in the best way possible and it is time that everybody gets to know about the latest features of the king of social networks –Facebook. Many already know, but this is for those who want to go the extra mile and be able to use the latest features.   Facebook is constantly improvising, evolving and improving itself with the latest features.  We assembled our online research to collate few of the top and latest Facebook features that you would find useful.

Fb The Messenger Day

The Messenger Day

On Facebook Messenger, the Messenger Day is a feature that allows you to see who is online and who is not. With this users can also instantly share their stories and what they are doing. For instance if you have gone for a trip to the hills, the user can take a selfie and send it to their friend.


Facebook Stories

Through this feature which is already inside the messenger App one can take photos and add them to their stories.


Facebook 360 for Samsung Gear VR

With this you will be able to react to content you love + share them, look at trending content and save your favourites.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook

This is a new platform for connecting co-workers with Live Video Streaming, Voice and Video Calls, Workplace and Work Chat Apps.  It also allows people from different workplaces to connect with each other as well.

Ad Breaks for Facebook Liv

Ad Breaks for Facebook Live (currently under Beta Testing)

Any page with more than 2000 followers can put their ads with 15 seconds to a live video.

With one of the biggest number of Facebook users from India the latest features will provide guaranteed benefits that are looking out for projecting their brand image to a varied range of target audience.



Author: Samrat Dey

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