Romancing the Office Space


There are countless opinions on how office environment should be designed and organized. There is no denying the fact that well being of workplace is a priority for every organization. New ideas and creative designs suggest that an eco friendly décor enriches the lifestyle and innovative mindset of the employees.  Hygiene and clean environment plays a major role in designing of offices. Importance of exercise and movement, access to daylight, clean air and healthy food all play a great role in creating a loveable workplace. The most important thing in this regard is to generate a work environment which makes employees enjoy working in a relaxed and entertained atmosphere. Organizations which give importance to wellbeing of workplace get the benefits through healthy and happy employees who are capable of increased productivity and innovation.


Ideas which every organization should consider to make the office environment loveable

Promotion of purposeful movement inside the office.

Learning from designing of higher education institutes in terms of separate activity area and destination planning for official operations such as workshops, conferences, meetings etc.

Understanding building standards focused on human health, wellness and sustainability

Integration of healthy materials while planning renovation or new office spaces

Holistic thinking and considering mental health while designing the setup and infrastructure of the office

Creating enjoyable and learnable co curricular activities for the employees to make them attached with the working spirit of the office environment

Creating interesting fun parlor inside the office so that the employees can take breaks while doing some hectic work continuously for a long period of time

Library and Gym facilities for mental and physical boost up of the employees

Attractive cafeteria and food zone providing healthy and nutritious food

Healthier workforce leads to healthy and active organization. The top priority for an organization today is to design a professional environment where the workforce is both healthy in terms of mental and physical perspectives. Incremental steps and bold new ideas help an organization to differentiate itself amidst numerous other enterprises.

office-home-office-spacesFrom the business owner’s perspective, a considerable amount of time is to be spent on making a enthusiastic and inspiring work environment. The owner could learn from examples of eco friendly working environment which is present in several modern day corporate institutions and even in higher educational platforms. The aspect of ergonomics is also important in this regard. Today in most of the work is done on a desk which is attached with several gadgets including the personal computer or laptop with an internet connection.

The body posture while sitting on the desk and working on a computer should be such that the person doing the work doesn’t get stressed or tired while doing work continuously for long hours. So, office furniture design and the environment should be such that it has all arrangement for correct body posture and proper setting.

Plants and other natural exhibits can be kept inside the office premises to keep the office environment fresh and vibrant. What matters at the end of the day is to create a working environment which inspires and creates interest in an employee to work for an organization for a long period of time without getting stressed or bored.



Author: Sumon Chakrabarti

Sumon Chakrabarti is a professional academic and offbeat writer for major publishing houses. He even contributes in house journals and online knowledge portals for global organizations through articles, features, corporate blogs and website content. A voracious reader of books, periodicals and all kinds of reading stuff. Passionate compiler, content developer and editor for all kind of knowledge sharing platforms. A popular singer and performer on stage. He has also enriched himself through teaching multidisciplinary subjects in Professional study centers,Management Colleges and Premier Tutorial Homes.