While The World Celebrates

This one’s for the entrepreneurs and the visionaries who do not believe in the mantra of work hard and party harder but mark their achievements with new goal settings and celebrate the little achievements of team members. While the world sleeps after hard work or long dreary days and some party on occasions and celebrations be it on Diwali or Christmas there are some visionaries and legends who are constantly on the go for new ideas and tracking their progress towards their long terms visions.

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Would you be an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

One of the biggest confusion among aspiring professionals in the world today is to be or not be an entrepreneur. Many are content with their daytime or night time shifts while many complain for not being able to achieve their own dreams and working only for someone else.  We took some views from USA, the cradle of entrepreneurship, to understand their views on being an employee vs being an entrepreneur.

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Business challenges for Management Consulting firms

Management consulting is not a cup of tea for all. This profession requires theoretical and practical knowledge of Business Administration specially focused on Business policy and Strategic Management. Anyone working in the Management consultancy industry knows the fact that the firms of today face an array of business challenges. Some of the challenges are age old while some are brand new. The forces driving change in the Business and Economic environment are numerous and of several varieties. Disruptive technology, rise of new business models, pressure created through intense global competition are transforming the market economy every day. Management consultants are constantly doing research of the issues faced by firms and the challenges which are hindering the progress of the industry at large.

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Travelling Office, Travelling You

A dilemma of the modern world is to travel or not to travel. More and more young professionals are falling into the pit of depression with the same old city life. There are many among them who opt for weekend getaways but many are prone to fall in love with the concept of travelling a bit too much.  In such cases they want to make travel a lifestyle.  But the problem occurs when   these travel options do not last long as lack of money or survival needs haunt the minds soon. More than the resources being organized and in place what many suffer from is lack of brain activity or engagements, something which they were conditioned to throughout their time at 10-6 job life. The answer to this is the ‘Travelling Office’ but before you read further make sure you are a workaholic, only with too much love for travelling.

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