Going Beyond Corporate Culture Myths

There is a famous saying by Mr. Richard Branson of Virgin Group which shatters corporate cultural myths in the organizational environment. He very logically said that-

Train people well enough so they can leave and treat them well enough so they do not want to.

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A Free Advice on Saving Your Big Asset – Time

An Era of Distractions

Storage devices and communication devices have evolved and this evolution is an ongoing process that cannot be ignored. Be it telephones or television everything has been reduced to smart access in our fingertips. But with this, an era of distractions has dawned on us with false dreams and loose foundations which can be withstood only by the fittest, smartest and most focused.

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Teaching Positive Attitude for Quality Life and Personality Development

Learning is the endless quest of life. This learning becomes fruitful when it is built on the premises of positive attitude. The affirmative approach towards life makes all impedances just vanish away in a fraction of seconds. Teaching is one vital part of making somebody learn. A proper human being is created only when his or her premise in childhood is built on the foundation of a positive attitude towards himself and most importantly his life. Children are undoubtedly the sole and ultimate positive thinking agents in Human community. They are far away from the fact that life throws curves and challenges around every corner. The visualization of life by a child is just like an adventure. All other human beings could benefit by learning to adopt this way of positive thinking just like a child. The culture of positive thinking for students should be the ultimate role for any educational institution.

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